Houston, we have a Problem...

Overcrowded university libraries and procrastination at the kitchen table:

The number of students is growing every year and the available work and study places are catastrophic. Berlin alone has almost 190,000 students at 43 universities with an annual growth rate of more than 2 %. 

Calculated on the available work and learning space, universities and libraries offer only 2.5% of their students free work space. 

source: Statistisches Bundesamt & DSW/ HIS-HF





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No. of students p.a.

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"University done and now what?"

This is an omnipresent question that consistently remained unanswered. The big step into „working life“ with all questions about job opportunities, new responsibilities, taxes, insurance, contacts and the general perspective is the most undefined and most frightening turning point of young people.


We have dedicated ourselves to the problem of the dramatic lack of space in the universities and libraries and want to build the perfect network to connect you with your fellow students, interesting companies and future employers.


We offer you space and the perfect atmosphere to give you the best study experience.


We bring you together with other students to accelerate your studies, grow your network and broaden your skills.


We help you to discover interesting job opportunities and offer you the best student discounts.

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Keine Lust mehr auf Massenpauken in der Bibliothek oder Prokrastination am Küchentisch?

Mit COCAMPUS gründen wir das erste New Work-Ökosystem für Studenten.

  • 24/7-Zugang zu unseren Co-Working-Spaces
  • Ein Bonusprogramm für alle Bedürfnisse rund ums Studentenleben
  • Exklusive Events &  Benefits

Das perfekte Umfeld, um zusammen zu arbeiten, zu lernen, zu netzwerken und den großen Schritt ins Berufsleben gemeinsam zu meistern!

Um COCAMPUS perfekt auf deine Wünsche und Probleme im Studentenleben abzustimmen, wollen wir deine
Profi-Meinung hören!

Als Dankeschön schenken wir allen Teilnehmern einen Platz auf unserer Early-Access-List + einen Gratis-Mitgliedsmonat,
sobald wir gestartet sind!! 🎁